CARICOOS is the American Caribbean Coastal Ocean Observing System

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CARICOOS is one of 11 associations that are part of the Integrated Ocean Observation System. Here are some of our services:



Data management is key to the success of CARICOOS. CARICOOS uses several information technology (IT) techniques to integrate data from multiple federal and non-federal sources into its data repository.




CARICOOS has various means and platforms to bring information to its users. To develop each of its products, CARICOOS carries out periodical needs assessments to incorporate users’ needs and preferences into itsproduct development process. Currently, the website is the main medium through which users access CARICOOS information.
In addition, CARICOOS has two mobile applications, PA’LA PLAYA (IOS | ANDROID) and CARICOOS Boating App (IOS | ANDROID). Both the website and applications are available in Spanish and English.




Prediction models are generated from statistical and numerical processes. These models allow CARICOOS to predict ocean conditions for up to a maximum of 120 hours. Also, they are used to forecast circulation patterns, wind and wave conditions, as well as storm surge events and cyclonic events.
Predictions require a large amount of information about existing ocean and atmospheric conditions. Much of the information used for forecasting comes from data from monitoring stations in situ at sea and satellite observations

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