CARICOOS is the American Caribbean Coastal Ocean Observing System

Colin Evans

His master’s thesis focused on High-Frequency Radar (HFR) wave measurements during Hurricane Matthew comparing it with directional and triaxys wave buoys, as well as with SWAN model outputs in the Mona Passage and southeast coast of Puerto Rico. The purpose of this research was to analyze and understand how the HFR performs in varying sea states during the progression of Hurricane Matthew as it passed south of Puerto Rico. Along with his Master’s research, as a CARICOOS research assistant, he has participated in the IOOS Significant Wave Height (SWH) project which focused on real-time HFR wave measurement comparisons compiled in monthly reports for the purpose of determining suitability for operational use. He is currently working as an assistant researcher for the CARICOOS regional association and recently finished a nearshore wave modeling project with the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

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