CARICOOS is the American Caribbean Coastal Ocean Observing System

Haibo Xu

Haibo Xu is currently a Ph.D. student in the Department of Marine Sciences at UPRM. His research interests are focused mainly on ocean circulation modeling using the FVCOM model. As part of his research, he uses the model to identify mesoscale currents with great precision and therefore contributes to knowledge increase about the hydrodynamic processes of the region of Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. In addition, he conducts validations using field observations, data from Doppler current meters, tide gauges, and high-frequency (HF) radars. As part of his doctoral studies, he developed the Particle Tracking  Model (PTM) to monitor particle dispersion, such as fish larvae, which has been very useful for managers part of the Caribbean Fisheries Management Council. The model evaluates the Marine Protected Areas larval recruitment effectiveness and determines possible sites where these processes can be carried out. On the other hand, as a result of the PTM, sargassum trajectories can be predicted using a combination of numerical modeling, satellite imageries, and surface drifters tracking. This allows for effective management responses, and thus, better mitigation actions.

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