CARICOOS is the American Caribbean Coastal Ocean Observing System

Ihan-Jarek Acevedo

Ihan-Jarek Acevedo is a native of Lares, Puerto Rico (PR). Being an islander, he grew up visiting the beaches and rivers of the Puerto Rico archipelago. Certainly, these experiences aroused in him his curiosity about how the things around him function or work. From there, he studied Civil Engineering at the Mayagüez Campus of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR-M). He worked as a CARICOOS intern student in research related to water quality in coastal areas and in others on the effect of waves on the behavior of water and sediments at relatively shallow depths. He participated in internships at Oregon State University and with the US Army Corps of Engineers where he researched topics such as coastal erosion in extreme wave events. His master’s thesis in Environmental Engineering and Water Resources at URP-M focused on the efficiency of urban storm sewer systems. He currently works as an environmental engineer in a Puerto Rican company.

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