CARICOOS is the American Caribbean Coastal Ocean Observing System

Peter Rivera

While pursuing his bachelor’s and master’s degree in engineering, he collaborated in water quality research projects. He helped develop predictive tools that were incorporated into CARICOOS website and assisted with the maintenance of the database for water quality research projects. During his master’s degree, he collaborated in the Hurricane Maria Rapid Response project, where topographic and
bathymetric data were collected in order to analyze the recovery (if any) of the coast of Rincón after the hurricane. In addition, he assisted CARICOOS in the generation of 3D numerical models for currents, waves and sediment transport. These models were used to simulate Hurricane Maria and Winter Storm Riley and to run the water quality simulations in the thesis project of graduate students. Peter Rivera is currently working forthe Information Technology Lab at the US Army Corps of Engineering Research and Development (USACE ERDC ITL), where he develops Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning tools

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